There are many reasons why real estate buyers prefer to live and find their next home in Kitsilano. Yet, reasonable dollar per square foot for condos and townhouses, good schools, proximity to work, and short distance to all shops on 4th Ave, and beautiful scenery at the Kits Beach and parks.

Speaking of Kits beach, there are many Kitsilano condo apartments for sale with water views and views of north shore mountains which is irritable.

There are so many schools in Kits and here is the list below:

List of Schools in Kits:


Bayview Elementary

2251 Collingwood Street, Vancouver, BC V6R 3L1
Phone: (604) 713-5433

Gordon Elementary – Also French Immersion

2896 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1X1
Phone: (604) 713-5403

Henry Hudson Elementary – Also French Immersion

1551 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 3L3
Phone: (604) 713-5441

Tennyson Elementary – Also French Immersion

1936 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 2B2
Phone: (604) 713-5426


There is only one elementary school in Kits – Kitsilano Secondary. It also offers French Immersion.

Kitsilano Secondary

2550 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6K 2J6
Phone: (604) 713-8961


Fraser Academy

BC’s only day school dedicated to helping students in grades 1-12 with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

2294 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 2H8
Phone: (604) 736-5575

St. Augustine’s School

One of the oldest Catholic schools in Vancouver. Kindergarten through Grade 7.

2145 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 2A5
Phone: (604) 731-8024

St. John’s International School

A high school focused on helping international students. Offers small class sizes and multi language support.

#300 – 1885 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y5
Phone: (604) 683-4572

St. John’s School

This is a co-educational, independent school for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

2155 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2J1
Phone: (604) 732-4434

Things I love about Kitsilano:

  • The great energy of Kits Beach in every season. Walkers, joggers, stroller pushers, dog runners. It’s truly full of story in winter or summer touristy days.
  • Kitsilano Showboat. This is a summer event that offers great entertainment.
  • Kits pool. WOW! That one heck of a pool and scenery.
  • Shopping on 4th. On 4th Ave shopping, you’d find all café’s, restaurants, retail shops and juice bars. Many selections and they are all are great at their offer.
  • Yew St. restaurants and shops. Right by the Kits beach, on Yew St, there are many top places to dine.

What about investment point? Is real estate growing in value in Kitsilano?

We all heard real estate is about location! Location! Location! And Kitsilano real estate is one of the best in both whether finding a dream home to live in combine with one of the best investments. Keep in mind, investment depends on the product and the amount of $ an investor pays. There are some great development in Kits with newer homes and yet, there are many character homes that are characteristic of this beautiful neighborhood.

But most of all, the latest news is about the Sky train and its extension. We have the firm approval from the city and the build is under way for Arbutus sky train station. But that doesn’t end there, which making Arbutus in KItsilano a major station for commute, the city is negotiating with indigenous lands to continue the sky train line west to UBC.

This is an important factor for any investor who is buying a real estate in Kitsilano. Whether it is a condo for sale or a single family house for sale in Kitsilano, it certainly appreciates in value when the sub-area becomes one of the major commute route to UBC to East. For more info check out

To find Kitsilano home for sale, simply go to MLS® search here and select Kitsilano as city.

Choose your budget and number of bed and bath preferred.

If you have pets and want to have no rental restriction, contact me and I do the search on your behalf.

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As a full time Vancouver REALTOR® I'm active mostly in Vancouver West. The map includes anything west of Cambie. In addition, I'm also specialized in some specific Vancouver neighborhoods where i do more of my real estate marketing.

This includes Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, Point Grey, Southlands, Yaletown and Coal Harbour.

In addition to all my loyal past client’s referral, I also do an active and extensive marketing for new prospects. My marketing and advertisement targets Vancouver real estate buyers and sellers. 

In this article i wish to address some of the questions the buyers prospect came across.

In my lead system, when a prospect buyer signs up to view Vancouver homes, in the backend of my system, i can analyze their search behavior. This is important to understand what these buyers are in for.

One of the worst Vancouver real estate search behaviors I come across, is they view with no target in mind.

My first reaction is to contact them and align their search assisting them to receive only homes they like. 

We get tremendous homes and condo listings for sale in Vancouver and this inventory is expanded specifically in a normal to a buyer’s market. So searching through all this homes with not knowing what it is you want as a buyer, can be very daunting.

Let me help and express a perfect solution for this common issue.

As a real estate buyer, it is important to go through the following questions and answer them as honestly as possible. If you’re a family, make sure to consult and consider everyone’s wish in the following.

-        The very first question is how much I/we can afford to buy a house in Vancouver.

This must be the first in mind as the rest of the questions are built upon this important step. Why? When you know your top budget, it would define the area, type of the product and many other aspects of your purchase. How would you determine your real estate budget? This is a simple step. As your Realtor, I can connect you with Vancouver’s top mortgage and financial consultants to help you understand all the financial obligations involved in purchasing a real estate process. (This includes amount of deposit required, closing costs, tax obligations, bank and government fees, and understanding the overall details on monthly and annual payment obligation as home owner.

-        Area and location

Now that we know your top budget (and of course this remains private and confidential), it is now the time to determine your neighborhood preferences. Vancouver is a big city with many small patches of neighborhood, each offering a very unique setting suitable for specific taste. Your lifestyle defines your location. For instance, if you’re a younger professional who prefers nightlife, access to easy transportation, then maybe Vancouver Downtown, Yaletown, West End is a good fit. And if you’re a growing family, with kids who require nearby school, local shops, quieter area and less traffic, Kitsilano could be a perfect fit. This may also change if you’re purchasing a real estate only as investment and planning to rent it out. In this article we are focusing on buy to live.

-        Type of Property

You know your budget and the area you certainly prefer. Now it is time into more detailed criteria. House or Condo? This is a great question which also depends on the budget, area and lifestyle. Let’s discuss this further. If you’re a younger professional who’s more focused on work, you may not have enough time to care and maintain a single family detached and or half duplex. Condo and or townhouse may be of a better choice as the strata fee payment, covers the exterior of the unit’s maintenance and care. If you’re a family with desire to live in a single family detach (SFD), area and budget come to play. If you have a budget under $2m and prefer West of Cambie, then maybe moving into a bigger townhouse, and or nice ½ duplex is a perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle. Both townhomes and ½ duplex although are part of a strata, offer more privacy, possible private outdoor area and much more affordable than a single family detached in Vancouver west. If you focus only on having a single family detached house with a budget under $2m, then looking to expanded neighborhood into East Vancouver or possible Burnaby area is more suitable.

-        Number of bedroom & bathroom

These criteria also depend on budget, location and lifestyle. A single professional may only need a one-bedroom unit with under $600k budget west of Cambie. A family with under $2m budget, may require 3 bedrooms and minimum of 2 bathrooms.

-        Pets and rental restriction

Many buildings in Vancouver built prior to 2009 have certain restriction on their bylaws. When purchasing, it is important to review the bylaws and know whether the complex and or strata allows certain pets, age restriction and rental restrictions. If you’re an investor who wishes to move in to the unit and maybe rent it out eventually, it is crucial to understand whether the complex and or condo for sale bylaws permit rentals.

-        Top floor or lower level?

Most buyers prefer higher levels. I personally suggest top floor level when a building is wood frame as the lower levels will certainly feel the above unit’s movement and noise, especially when the units are not carpeted. If you have a pet, small children and or have an elderly, being on a first floor offers a townhouse-like style where there may be a private yard and easier access. This is a suitable choice specifically when a building is concrete and there is no plumbing issues.

-        Unit Direction and light.

This is a subjective criteria and many buyers have selective choice on unit direction. In general North-East facing units offer morning daylight and South-west units afternoon light. It is certainly a matter of choice and what the buyer prefers. A buyer may prefer more light through after noon and the unit that is facing south-west could be facing another building with blocked views. Most Coal Harbour condos which offer water views, are facing East with limited daylight. Yaletown and North Shore, offer buildings with South, west facing, that offer water views. These choices maybe important for a buyer.

-        Number of Parking

Having a family with two vehicles, you certainly need minimum of parking access for two cars. Or a single professional working in downtown with no car, prefers living in Vancouver downtown island (including Yaletown, Cola Harbour, West End) may not even care whether the unit has parking or not.

-        Year of the property

The older building mostly are wood frame. It is important to review all strata documents including financials, depreciation report for any upcoming special assessments. This is crucial as the older building may require annual remediation for their balconies, exterior, rain screen, roof, elevator and such which are quite costly. Some older construction (including single family homes) have been fully renovated to the gut and offer a brand new living space. Depending on the buyer’s budget, location and lifestyle, having a ready to move-in home versus requiring some updates is important.

There are variety of desire and a wider wish-list a buyer may have. Such as pool, hardwood floors, air-conditioned, large balcony, quiet neighborhood, high ceiling, Electric Vehicle access, skylights and so on. Some maybe achievable and some may be impossible depending on budget & location. As your Realtor, I always ask my clients to have a list of rational must-have list and a wish-list separated based on their budget and if 80% of the wish-list is accommodated in a property they viewed, that home is a good potential.

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When you are thinking of selling your home, hiring a professional REALTOR® is the most important step. There is a process to sell your home successfully and it starts with engaging and communicating with your real estate agent. 

Here is a little about Axel Ziba:

I pride myself in having the core of competency, the Knowledge, Skills and Ability. And for that my purpose is to help and assist my clients in every step of the real estate process. This requires to be relied upon, accountable and resourceful.

This is in addition to my charismatic, friendly and responsiveness character, which has been my secret treasure.

I always go above and beyond, doing more than I promise, thinking outside of the box and make creative marketing strategies like no other. Based on new & upcoming technology and demographical approach to real estate, the industry is changing and requires tremendous ability in navigating through this new demand and competition to standout. My IT and familiarity with technology based on my background benefits my clients in every way possible.

With my hospitality and retail executive management background, I successfully maneuver through the transactions, providing extreme value.

The new real estate is about what’s ahead. Carefully analyzing data will unfold a perfect path to understand and awareness of any upcoming changes. Being educated on these alterations and variables, affect the client’s decision making. Are you looking at your back mirror or your windshield? I’ll make sure to be your perfect GPS guide in this driving route.

How do I use my extensive marketing to sell your home?

-       Strategy 1:

Extraordinary Photography and Videography, highlighting the best features of your property in comprehensive detail.

-       Strategy 2:

3D Virtual Tour is the best way to invite potential buyers from anywhere in the world to visit your property details and inside 24/7. Just like a non-stop open house.

-       Strategy 3:

Exposing and sharing your property with international and global buyers in addition to local purchasers. This is one of Maxit Realty competitive advantages in comparison to other brokerages. 99% of buyers refer to online when it comes to searching for properties. I have an extensive knowledge on how to syndicate and reciprocate your home in highly visited sites. Why stop locally when we can reach global potential purchasers. sites like, Point2homes, Real Estate Channel, Mansion Global, James Edition, REW,, Ideal Estate and our own are the top real estate searches.

-       Strategy 4:

Exposing and sharing your property through my expanded network locally in Vancouver & Victoria, and globally through my expansive connection is my advantage to be able to share properties to top performing brokers.

-       Strategy 5:

Stronghold social media and extreme technology implementation. Your property will be viewed locally and globally in every existing platform, including and exclusively in WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and much more

These marketing& strategies are above and beyond my exclusive advantages of pricing, local market knowledge, and preparation of your home for sale. 

Want to know more, contact me today to maximize your real estate experience.

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Maxit Realty 

Purpose, Compet ency & Accountablity

Three initiative basis to Maxit Realty Corp by Axel Ziba. With local and global network access to market and expose all property types, Maxit Realty is a brand to recognize. Working in co- relation with top brokerages in Vancouver & Vancouver Island, Maxit Realty offers a duel exposure and maximum real estate experience. Anyone who is considering selling or buying property should always work with professionals who are the experts in the markets they serve and take the time to understand the unique real estate goals of each client.

Purpose, Competency & Accountablity

The core definit ion of Maxit Realty

This is a single vision shared by Maxit Realty connecting with aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or business context with total Enthusiasm. Maxit Realty training, marketing capabilities and global network ensure these pillars are met in every stage of real estate. With our Aptitude and knowledge, competency is created and we develop a customized strategy and provide the specialized services that will work for you and provides extreme high standard value which comes from our accountability.

Why do sellers work with us?


Maxit Realty Visions

Our Core visions of Pupose, Competency and accountability have been a key success and made us stand out in real estate industry and successfully help many of our seller clients achieve a desirable result.


Skills, Knowledge & Ability

We’ve been working with clients to ensure

their real estate objectives are achieved and providing these services for clients that are exclusively expecting a better service. This is evident in an impressive track record of real estate, marketed and sold in the past few years.

Axel Ziba

I’ve been proud members of REBGV and also is active in Vancouver Island and have won many awards in recognition of my work. I believe my success is due to my commitment to always go that extra mile, and to put my clients’ needs ahead of my own. My background in IT, hospitality and executive management has been a tremendous asset for my clients.

Specializing & Competency

We are able to provide in-depth knowledge on many of the local neighborhoods. That includes any zoning and planning in municipal level, provincial governing changes and federal economic & financial banking to update our clients of many avenues that can affect the real e s t a t e market. Our competency is our competitive advantage. We offer a personal perspective on schools, communitiess , transportation, local amenities, and more.

Extensive Market Analysis

We provide personalized & specialized comparative market analysis reports for all our clients in order to inform them of recent & relevant market trends, active and available listings, and past sales with analytics of all sales ratio, home price indexing, charts of $ per square footage, balance of days on the market and detailed price analysis . With these information, we implement a smart pricing strategy that ensures our clients achieve the best possible value for their property

Working with sellers

The better we know your motivation and tolerance, the better we can serve your needs. That is why we start with an individual consultation with every client. Our goal is to get a better understanding of your expectations. This includes your motivations such as why selling, what is the next on your strategy and understanding your vision. In addition, further down to our consultation, we discuss about your Tolerance.

This includes the tolerance of your price, bottom- line and your market expectation. Then to learn more about the property through your eyes, asking detailed question about every nooks and cranny to help us comprehend every detail. The more we know, the better we can represent. During this step in the process, we will review every aspect of your property, ask questions and research the local market trends and activity.

The steps are taken to determine key marketing points, outline the ways in which we will collaborate with you on a pricing strategy, identify your home’s target audience and gain a full understanding of your specific and unique needs. This crucial first step sets a course for you to sell your home at the highest price within an acceptable time frame and in a stress-free manner. The scope of our reach.


• Review your property in full details and taking notes

• Determination of your Tolerance & Motivation
• Research activity, trends & analyzing documents.

• Identify target audience and niche market

• Outline pricing strategy which is the most important factor

• Gain understanding of you unique needs & expectations

Price Strategy:

We take pride in a deep understanding and our competent knowledge of the market and this translates into honest, sound advice and detailed valuation for the sale of your


Furthermore, using expert insight and market data and analysis of all the related charts, we will work with you to create a pricing strategy that best reflects your benefit &

• A weekly market update which includes information on recent sales and relevant new listings in order to keep you informed and up- to-date on your property in relation to the market

• Timely feedback from all showings, both from buyers and agents who viewed the property

• Constant monitoring and update on our pricing strategy to ensure that it is always aligned with the current state of the market and if needed advice of change.

Condition of Property

Your property needs to be in the appropriate condition for the sale strategy to reach the

desired value. We have strong reliable connections with stagers, interior designers, handymen and professional tradespeople to help best showcase your home. In addition, we always recommend a pre-sale inspection of your home to help you eliminate any surprises that may come after receiving an offer. We will reimburse the cost of this valuable service after the sale of your home as a thank you note.

Marketing & Strategizing

How we market properties is separating us from a traditional marketing. We think outside of the box. You need more than just presentation, you need a designated plan and solid strategy. Our

tailor made marketing strategies are designed to position your property in the ideal circumstance for a sale.

Multiple Websites & online Domination

Customized Feature Sheets

Professiona Floor Plans

3D Virtual Tour reality

Email Blasts

Beautiful Photography

Aerial Drone
Videos Marketing Strategies

Extensive Social Media

Chinese Marketing Materials exclusivity
Real Estate Channel Exclusivity

WeChat exclusive to 20,000 users

Point2Homes property highlights

REW exposure

Professional Pictures

Pictures say a thousand words

When a potential buyer notices the right home, it is typically love at first sight and it’s a first impression made in a few second chance we have online or in print.

We only work with professional photographers

and videographers who have earned our trust when it comes to the quality of their work. They are the best in their fields and produce work that captures both the details and the essence of a property’s greatest features.

We take a consistent approach that includes market research, strategic marketing and maximizing the exposure throughout our network, for every home.

Offering extensive attention to detail, going above and beyond & producing result, Maxit Realty continues to provide the advantage of gaining the attention of a wider audience of potential buyers for every home we represent.

Online Presence

The Maxit Realty websites are the focus of our integrated online marketing strategy. It includes our local and global integration. Our website leads the industry for its design, tools and functionality. The intuitive and visually attractive layout of the Maxit Realty websites increase the amount of time spent viewing to increase engagement and lead generation. It concentrates on listing marketing for local and global homebuyers while potential buyers searching for

properties, are enjoying the full details and quality presented for your listing.

Social media

We place special attention in social media where 25% of all online activity is spent. We engage our fans and network through our Instagram®, Facebook® pages, Twitter® feeds, Pinterest® boards and YouTube® videos ensuring that our brand, services and premier properties remain a topic of conversation. Our strategy in social media is to provide our clients and potential clients, tremendous quality content of true value and driving traffic to our properties. We also use social media to strengthen our connections locally by reporting and sharing news and interests happening within our community.

Open house and staging a success for exposing

We truly believe that careful planning, preparation and a depth of knowledge about your property are the elements of a successful home showing. This includes ideal scheduling to professional staging to a strategic approach to hosting the event. We work with you to identify the most convenient dates and hours for the showing and promote them to achieve the highest number of attendees. Proven measures for ensuring a successful showing:

• De-cluttering interior design
• Your comfortable timing and scheduling
• Minor repairs and enhancement
• landscaping for curb appeal
• Talking points to elaborate on the home’s best features

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If you have read my monthly real estate market update, you are aware we are currently deep into a buyer's market shift. 

To define how we Vancouver REALTORS® define the market, assume an old fashion scale.

On one side we have "Supply" and on the other "Demand".

- When demand increases, obviously the number of inventory in the market decreases and get sold quicker than being listed. This stage is called "Seller's Market" and the sales ratio, which is the percentage of Sold Listings to Available listings are above 20%.

- When "Supply" and "Demand" scale tip balances in the middle, that is an indicator that every supply and inventory meets demand of the real estate buyers steadily and the sale ratio is at 15%-20%

- When the scale tips toward a lower demand, real estate inventory (Supply) increases and this is called a buyer’s market with sale ratio being anything under 15%. 

Currently in Greater Vancouver area we are at 8% sales ratio and are in a deep buyer's market. High level of inventory being listed every day and competition between all Vancouver properties for sale. Demand, or the real estate buyers, are holding back and are not pulling a trigger of making offers. This hold off, maybe a reason of many third party factors, such as:

A) Mortgage and bank interest. This is true, since the Bank of Canada announced the mortgage stress test, many real estate buyers faced a lower affordability.

B) Economic imbalanced and uncertainty. With our federal government confusion about pipeline, and trade deal with United State, and many other financial policies being procrastinated constantly, buyer's, or in general consumer's confidence is lower and paranoia of what to expect in near future kicks in.

C) Local provincial government and municipal control and their interference in real estate industry. Specifically, in BC and Vancouver, where many additional taxes where introduced effective January 2018 and its impact on local and foreign real estate purchasers have been tremendously harsh.

Now that we have the understanding of where we are in current market, most of my real estate clients whom own a property in BC, are concerned how to effectively list and sell their property in this buyer's market.

Let's make one thing very clear. Yes! we ae in a deep buyer's market, but there are yet activities and properties are being sold. This activity although not comparable to what we witnessed for the past few years, but yet any activity is a sign throb in real estate heart. And these sold listings they all have few things in common: 

- Extremely Attractively Priced

- Beautifully shown and cared for.

- Wonderfully exposed and marketed.

The very important three factors above have been constant in generating these recent activities and benefited the real estate owners and buyers combined. 

In order to successfully sell a listing, even in this market, PRICE it as you're looking forward and not in the back mirror. This is very important for every homeowner that is willing to sell their home in good faith and is not just trying out the market to see what they can get. 

Clean, declutter and stage your property to show it well. 

 and lastly and one of the most important other item on the menu is to choose a knowledgeable, skilled Realtor to expose and market your property in the best possible ways.

Want to know how my marketing is extraordinary? let’s meet and discuss.

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As a local Vancouver REALTOR® and a full time real estate agent, I come cross many real estate home buyers in Vancouver that are not familiar with the steps and process of buying a home or condo in British Columbia.

There are numerous steps involved with purchasing a House or condo for sale in Vancouver BC. 
There are 3 level of purchase behaviour:
A) Pre-Purchase Activity
In this stage, the consumer feels the need to purchase. wether it is downsizing to a smaller property, upsizing because of growing family, or simply feel the need for safest investment. reviewing the products, getting to know the market and getting familiar with the prices, neighborhood, and other important detail.
B) Purchase
In this stage the consumer engages in the purchase by stepping forward using all the information gathered by the step one to make a final decision.
C) Post Purchase Activity
In this stage the consumer has obtained the product and pending on the scenario, lots of excitement or remorse.
Step 1. Get your finances in order
This is one of the most important step in purchasing a real estate. Many buyers assume their affordability and after searching for months and finding that dream home, get the shocking news that they can not be approved financially. It is important to find a quality and top rated financial mortgage company that is familiar with all under-writings and new implemented banking requirements. In this stage, the buyer must provide all their personal financing information to their mortgage specialist in order to obtain pre-approval. In my other article we discussed about pre-approval and its lack of financing confirmation support, hence it is suggested to go one step forward and provide further details of personal income and finances to obtain more accurate conditional approval from your financial institution. 
Steps 1 and 2 are in co-relation as your REALTOR® can refer you to a reputable mortgage specialist and or broker to make the process much easier and more pleasant.
Step 2. Choose your REALTOR®
Despite of the number of technology and real estate website available to brows all properties and Vancouver MLS® Listings, non can define detailed and focus search criteria. I also need to mention, the importance of hiring a REALTOR® professional as i have discussed in other articles. In the first meeting with your real estate agent, the agent goes through a wide range of questionnaire. By asking targeted questions, this professional agent, can narrow down the search and target your desired;
- Location
- Price range (Approved maximum budget)
- Home type (House, Condo or townhouse)
- Home Shape and size ( Character built, Modern contemporary, Living square footage)
In addition to the targeted search above, the agent also focuses on deal breakers as your need such as 
- Pet friendly properties
- Backyard and or balcony
- Top floor or first floor
- Number of parking garage
- Defined property titles (Freehold, Leasehold, Coop)
When these criteria are assigned and targeted and discussed, your search and showing schedules are more focused toward the property of your liking without any time wasted. This is one of biggest advantages of using a REALTOR® and discussing this conversation in the first meeting.
Step 3. Showings and Viewings
As discussed above, your Vancouver REALTOR® has narrow down your search and focused on your search criteria and now has located few top properties for you to view. One of the advantage of having a REALTOR® working on your side, is that the real estate agent reviews all backend documents and notes that are not displayed publicly and eliminating the ones that are not aligned with your search. As an example, 
- Probate
Properties that the title holder has passed and it is in a hand of legally authorized person to obtain all approval prior to sale. These properties usually take longer to close and obtain all required documents.
- Foreclosure
A bank owned or troubled in finances that requires judgement from a court for sale proceedings which has much longer closing and much riskier to obtain. 
- Tear-down
Properties which are not safe to live-in and require extensive renovation or complete tear-down. this process requires city approval, permits and special financing.
- Needing TLC and or SOLS AS/IS
This is a code that property is in despair and requires extensive care and renovation. These are risky properties as the buyers fully take responsibility of any issues. Financial institutions are usually do not support the financing on such risky properties.
- Special assessment and strata issues
This is for condos and strata properties that have an upcoming expenses to cover certain issue in the building which has not been remedied yet. This is also a risky situation as the buyer may be responsible for portion of the expense and most financial institution steer away from these strata properties for approval of finances.
- Renovation with no Permit
This is also a risky situation, although many Vancouver properties have unauthorized suite for additional income, and or have done renovation without a city permit, it can turn ugly as the city may want to inspect and change the entire renovated project which is the buyer cost. 
- Title issues ( Covenant, easements, litigations, scheme)
It is important to know when searching for a properties online by yourself, non of the information above is mentioned publicly. So it is crucial to have a REALTOR® review all the situation and advise a legal advisor to consult these situation with the buyer.
Step 4. What to see when viewing
Many buyers don't know what to see when viewing the property. They simply walkthrough, looking at furnitures and decoration. It is important when viewing a property for a first time to:
- Look for first and last impression
As a buyer, if you see yourself and or your family living and walking toward the door, sitting in the living room, cooking in the kitchen, and or entertaining your guests, it is starter feeling to connect. 
- Look for potential 
Don't see the seller's furniture, see yours and observe the potential for putting a right color on the wall, changing the chandelier, change the kitchen cabinets and so on. It is important to see the opportunity and potential. not the existing condition.
- Room sizes
observe living room and bedroom sizes. Does your king bed fits comfortably in the main bedroom? how about your sectional sofa in the living room?
- Bathrooms and comforts
Number of bathrooms always important specially for families. Also consider the size of bathroom and their location in the house. Are the bathroom close to bedrooms? Is there an en-suite bathroom in the main bedroom? is there a guest bathroom? or they have to use the main one?
- Home direction
Property direction is important for many buyers. Capturing the natural light, sunshine in a proper season, and or exposed view of your privacy. 
- Storages
Look for number and space of the storages. are there enough space to put all your luggages and chrismas decorations?
Step 5. Make an offer
After viewing some properties, you found your desired property and know the one you just viewed is the one. It is time to make an offer. In your first consultation with your REALTOR® you discussed about the market, whether it is a buyer's or seller's. Based on that information, your agent will provide you with all the information to prepare the offer and all the condition that protects a buyer for investigating their purchase on that for sale house or condo in Vancouver. There are various number of conditions (subjects) depending on the type of the property.
- Financing approval
- Title Review
- Documents review (Strata documents, Property Disclosure Statement, 
- Insurance approval
- Property Inspection (Oil Tank, Asbestos and Mold are addition)
and may there be some additional condition depending on the property situation and type. 
This stage is another example where you need a professional REALTOR® familiar with the neighborhood and market. Your agent negotiates the offer and directs you toward all required consultation with accountants and legal advisors, protecting your interest at all time.
Step 6. Removing the subjects and deposit
After a hard negotiation, your offer is accepted. The subjects (conditions) time length in the "Contract of Purchase and Sale" or CPS depends on the real estate market and financial institution's need. a regular practice in a balanced market has 7-10 business days for the buyers to review all documents and get their full approval confirmation in order. 
Your real estate agent actively researches all documents and is in a direct contact with you and your legal advisor for providing all the necessary information to be reviewed. When every subjects is satisfied and safe, buyers sign a subject removal form, declaring their satisfaction with all the subjects and provide the agreed deposit to be given to the trust account.
Congratulations. You officially purchased your property!
Step 7. Prepare for closing and lawyer 
Depending on the date of closing assigned in the contract, there are three specific dates to understand. 
- Completion Date
Is a date when lawyers transfer the title and the seller gets paid in full.
- Possession Date
Is the date when buyers obtain the key to move in.
- Adjustment Date
When the lawyers adjust and pay all taxes and file fees.
 In most cases, Adjustment and completions are the same dates and possession sometimes a day after the completion to give the sellers enough time to clean and empty the property.
about a week or two  before completion date, your real estate lawyer will have you sign all necessary papers and is in direct relationship with real estate broker conveyancing department as well as your financial institution. 
Step 8. Moving
Many buyers hire a moving company and start preparing to move right after they remove the subjects. It is a good idea to secure a moving company and organize all your moving schedules, specially when you have pets. Did you read my article on how to care for pets when moving?
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5 low-budget changes to make your house looks more attractive for saleAs Vancouver real estate shifting toward a more balanced market by having more inventory and listings on MLS®, it is important for homeowners and real estate seller enthusiast to be more vigilant when it comes to their Vancouver property presentation.First impressions are the ones make the biggest impression to any potential buyer and visitor. Followings are five suggestions to make a quick and inexpensive changes which make high impact for your home presentation. 

1.     Landscaping.

Trimming and cleaning the front and backyard doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet. A clean fresh cut grass and clear driveway is way more inviting than having a rusted vehicle and unattended shrubs. Don’t leave it to the buyers imagination. A simple gardening care can go a long way.

2.     Fresh paint

Devote a day to do a complete paint. If you ever lived in a college dorm, you know how to do it yourself. But hiring a professional to do it, is not expensive and leaves a lasting impression. Pick a lighter colour to open up the space. This activity has also another purpose. In addition to complement the walls and remove all scratches, it makes you remove all the family photos and personal decoration of your safari trip with uncle Ted.

3.     Declutter

De-cluttering is simple and free, but the result is outstanding. Every square footage worth lots of dollars. In some cases over one thousand. Don’t cover up the money by newspaper basket, broken vase and that scratched Ikea table from your college time. Remove the unwanted furniture. Either sell them for extra cash or donate, maybe store them. This goes for all the kids toys and Danny’s office project.

4.     Furniture re-arrangement

This is a simple way to show the usage of the space. Vacant homes and apartments can be negative as the buyers won’t be able to imagine the usage of the proposed space. In many cases the data shows a properly designed staged home by a professional stager sells faster and fetches extra dollar value. Some staging pros even work with your own furniture for a low-budgeted expense and consult you on how to re-organize them for the best layout. If planning not to spend anything, then have our team of pro, do a walkthrough and direct you on how to space the furniture and storing the unwanted ones.

5.     Brighten it up.

One of the most common keyword use in real estate write ups is “Bright and spacious”. A bright indoor space has more life and energy to it. Change your burnt light bulbs and add more light fixtures. For showings open up the curtains and or blinds and let the light inside. These five quick and to-do things can go a long way and make tremendous impact and impression on every potential real estate visitor. As a local Vancouver REALTOR® I may add, to open up the doors and windows and let the air in. It certainly refreshes the indoor air.

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Observe this sold sign and imagine it right in front of your property. The day the buyers remove their subject and submit their deposit fund, is a very exciting day for every Vancouver home seller.
At this day, with my seller clients help, we place a SOLD sticker or topper on the "For Sale" sign post. 

What an exciting day it is.

How can you get there quicker? Implementing following techniques have tremendous impact on selling your home with best value.

Price it right. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to price your property perfect and reasonable. Being realistic with price gets higher attention from buyers.
Some sellers believe if they price it lower than it's value, they can bring more buyers and attract multiple offers. Although this scenario can be true, it is not a full proof method and can have a negative effect if only one offer arrives. At this point, the single offer if asking price, may not willing to go higher than ask and may walk away.
Pricing it higher to negotiate is another technique some sellers use. Pricing higher than the value sold based on other comparable, can scare buyers away assuming you may not wish to negotiate on your asking price. So what to do?
Price it reasonably right. There are various method to calculate the property value and its home evaluation. Using few proper approach and based on the market trends and activity, price it according to comparable sales, home price indexing (HPI), and sub-area average sales. It is important to also study the sales ratio in the sub-area and by adjusting a few thousand dollars, bring the property to a higher ratio niche market.

Never rely on home buyer’s imagination. Buyers see what they pay for. You most likely don’t have time for a big renovation. Small repairs can make big impact in property value and potential buyers appreciate the fact that as a property owner, you cared and maintained it.
• Apply fresh quote of paint to cover any scratches and dents on the walls.
• Replace that old light fixture with a LED modern fixture. 
• Old wood flooring? Sand it and repaint, makes it brand new again and adds tremendous value in the eyes of the observers. 
• Change the 80’s gold door handles and knobs. Replace it with a modern element. 
• Plugs and light switches are cheap and easily replaceable.
• Kitchen cabinets handles also can make a big difference.
• In another article we talked about front door and its first impression.
• Leaky tub and plumbing. It is not expensive and easy to change. 
• Replenishing the bathroom tiles and tub’s corner with fresh caulking.

Remove and clean. These should be your motto right before taking photos for the property. Store and remove everything that is bulky, unwanted, and occupies square footage with no purpose. Open it up and show your property. Have everything including appliances deep cleaned professionally. Don’t forget inside your fridge and the greasy oven tray. Don't forget the memory wall picture of family generation. Trust me. Buyers don't want to see your naked uncle on his fishing boat.
Remove and replace that old curtains and give the interior design a change into a modern element. 

Most sellers are afraid of the word staging. As a matter of fact, staging and design should be the sellers first on the list. Stagers can work with your own furniture and if they are not proper and attractive, they can have it replaced with what makes your home attractive in the eyes of buyers. Vacant property? It is a biggest mistake to list a property vacant without staging it. Placing furniture with smart planning, helps buyers to determine the usage of floorplan.

It is all about exposing your property at its most. Some buyers are last minute, few hours in town, or maybe working until after open house is done. Be flexible and ready for every showing. By ready, I mean to be prepared and keeping the property at its best shape. 
Keep the property at its most attractive position and that includes its aroma and smell. Try not to cook that smelly fish before a showing is scheduled.
By being flexible with showing times, it shows you are a motivated home seller and easy to deal with. 

Work with Vancouver real estate agent and REALTOR™ like me that is familiar with area trends, sales, and is competent. Market knowledge, ability to adopt with an unexpected surprise and negotiation skills are a few example of a savvy agent. 
Have more question? Let me help you in any way for Vancouver real estate.
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Our pets are part of the family and our hearts. As pet owner real estate buyer, when purchasing a townhouse or a condo for sale in Vancouver, we all must be careful to examine the strata documents specially when it comes to its provincial rules and bylaws.

When we talk about pets, we mostly refer to cats and dogs, but there are folks who have different pets, like Fish, birds, lizards, small piglets, and so on.

Every strata in BC must have bylaws and may have rules and it applies to all owners and tenants residing in the strata. The strata council is responsible for enforcing the rules and bylaws of the strata. bylaws govern the strata lot as well as the strata common property, but rules only govern the common property, not the strata lot.

As a pet owner, always ask for a copy of strata documents of the building or complex you have an interest of making an offer. These documents must be always available for buyers review and they are easy to read and understand.
When looking at the bylaws, scroll down to Pet section and review of what type of pet the strata allows and what restriction applies.
In this section of the bylaws, strata define what type and how many pets an owner can have in their unit. It also clearly explains the size and weight restriction.
Some strata don’t allow fish tanks or aquarium of any size due to the possibility of the water tank breakage and leaks. 
When it comes to our furry friends, some strata don’t allow dogs but are fine with limited number of cats. This can be due to the dogs barking and noise. 
Weight and size also is very important factor. In many cases, a buyer assumed the strata will be ok and lenient of a few extra pound weight of their pet dog, and unfortunately that was not the case and they had to pay fines and penalties to strata council.

Some strata also restrict some type of dogs like Pitbull, due to the trend of news that these types are more aggressive than others. (this decision comes from strata votes and the council)
Standard bylaws of BC allows 2 dogs or 2 cats with no weight or height restriction. 
Most newer built buildings and complex have standard bylaws with less pet restriction.

When it comes to the other pet kinds, it is important that the buyer investigate the bylaws and fully understand about its pet restriction. 
Have any question on how to review rules and bylaws? I’d be happy to help.
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I was at a friends house in Vancouver downtown the other day and came cross with a very friendly couple whom as soon as understood i was a REALTOR®, started to ask some interesting questions, which I felt necessary to share in my news.

The started by describing their property and its features, wanting to know what i thought of its price. After taking some notes, I gave them an estimated property value but assured them that the same night I would send them a detailed property evaluation and complete CMA (Comparable Market Analysis). I was familiar with their neighborhood and their house location so i knew the lot sizes and the properties that were sold nearby.
They asked when listing their home, they are familiar with the inconvenience of home preparation, but didn't see a value in open house. "Can open house sell my house in Vancouver?" they asked. "Is it effective to have an open house?"
I knew they didn't want to have many people walking around their privacy and property. I explained, there are Three types of Open Houses; 
A) Public open house
B) Broker Open House
C) REALTOR® weekly tour open house.
Public Open House:
In real estate we work with percentage and trends. Every percentage and minimal effect counts in selling a MLS® listing and keeping the momentum and attraction to the property. Most public open houses are placed in weekends for 2 hours a day. In some cases, I sometimes hold an open house during the weekday to attract more crowed as many folks already are committed in the weekend and might not be able to attend. 
To have an effective open house, it is important to have an extensive preparation, Marketing and advertisement,
Post it on MLS® and also is a necessary step as many search through these sites. In addition, online blast in many other social medias, classifieds, and google ads can attract many potential real estate buyers in Vancouver.
When listing a new listing on MLS®, whether a house or condo for sale, it is very effective to hold and blast an open house the same weekend. I also use many other successful method to attract more crowed in the open houses, which I'd be happy to discuss when planning to list your home.
As mentioned, people are competitive and if they see another buyer interested in the same property, comparatively they get interested. In many occasions, REALTORS® receive offers at the open houses.
Broker Open House
In addition to bring public in to the property, sometimes it is a good idea to market the house toward brokerages that are qualified for that property. For instance, if we have a luxury listing for sale in Vancouver area, prior to do a public open house, we market it exclusive toward other luxury brokerages in the neighborhood, or the ones with extensive related networks. Broker open house is more intimate and exclusive, with the realtor being in charge of walk-through and showcasing the property to its fullest. In these occasion, sometimes we make an event and serve luxury drinks and appetizers including price draw. 
Weekly/Monthly REALTORS® Tour Open House
This is one the most effective way to showcase the property to as many real estate agent as possible. Although many agent have access to MLS® listings and know what's in the market, it is crucial to invite as many agents to attend the open house and including the property in their monthly/weekly office tour. Viewing the property physically by reminds them of the wants and needs of their certain clients.
In general Open House is a great tool to showcase a property fro sale in Vancouver. In real estate we work round the clock to create a momentum for our house or condo for sale listings on MLS®. Open house is just one of many effective methods to expose a listing for sale in Vancouver.
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