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Real Estate in Victoria and South Vancouver Island

How is the Real Estate Market? Should I buy or sell now or later? What do you think of Real Estate prices in Victoria? 

As a REALTOR® and Real Estate agent in Victoria BC,these are the questions I'm asked daily from Real Estate enthusiast.

Victoria has always been a great visitor destination and a vacation spot. Real Estate has always been a great longterm investment with steady growth. Since late 2015, Victoria became the focal point of investment and attracted many buyers. With scores of buyers available and interested to purchase house, condo, townhouse, waterfront and even vacant lots, inventory shrank and caused a market scale tip toward Seller side "Seller's Market"

This condense real estate market event in Victoria BC, caused real estate buyers to be introduced to multiple offers and bidding war, specially in prime areas.

Areas such as:

Oak Bay 


Downtown Core

Saanich East 

Saanich West


In continuation to this highly desirable real estate property search areas, West Shore started to see a growth of demand and as a result this demand expanded to areas like

Langford core (many condominiums, strata properties, and single detached houses are stretching better value for a dollar spend)

Bear Mountain (extreme development and attraction in this secluded and private area)

Colwood (is going through a huge revamp and development)

The west shore also is undergoing a big commute change which originally held back many Real Estate buyers. With McKenzie Overhead approval and development from the city, this will eliminate the traffic in near future and certainly adds to the value of these neighborhood.


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My motto is simple, Real Estate from A to Z. I'll help you every step of the way!

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