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Recognized worldwide.

Unparalleled reach and resources.

A tradition of premium service

Since we first opened our doors in 1977 as a specialty real estate boutique providing exclusive, white-glove client services in Hamburg, Germany, Engel & Völkers has become one of the world’s leading international companies.

Today, we specialize in the sale and lease of premium residential and commercial property, yachts and private jets. We currently operate a global network of over 8,500 real estate Advisors in more than 750 brokerages spanning over 30 countries.

For the homes we represent, including yours, this means greater worldwide exposure enhanced by the confidence of our brand. This has been the strategy that has enabled us to successfully reach qualified international buyers for the homes we represent.

Wherever an Engel & Völkers office has opened, whether in Europe, Africa, Asia or in the Americas, the worldwide recognition of our brand follows. The values that define us Luxury level service.



Every home is a mansion.

More than real estate Advisors


The best real estate agents help their clients buy and sell homes. Engel & Völkers Advisors do more. They will offer you guidance and insight in ways not every agent can. In fact, we designate our agents as “Advisors” to better define the higher level of service they provide.

Engel & Völkers consistently maintains high levels of service experience throughout the world by managing performance at every level. We are highly selective of the agents who join us. We approach top performers with proven track records and real estate professionals who are well respected within the community. A deep understanding of client service is essential. Our Advisors start out great and always strive to be better.


Beyond the transaction

Expertise like no other.

Strategies for client success.

Proven marketing methods

Our collection of distinctive marketing measures is used by real estate’s most successful Advisors to represent and promote the world’s finest properties. We present each home to the most qualified buyers near and far toachieve the best price with the greatest peace of mind. Our tools, technology and strategic partnerships allow our Advisors to place your home on the web’s most popular property search sites and print’s most influential publications.

Axel Ziba maximizes exposure through our expansive digital network that reachespotential buyers locally and around the world.

A dedicated team of specialists

There is a single vision shared by the thousands of professionals who represent Engel & Völkers worldwide. It is to link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or business context with total passion.

To achieve this vision, we have established a set of core values. These values help to maintain our high level of service worldwide and to reinforce the meaning of our brand for each and every Engel & Völkers Advisor.

Our training, marketing capabilities and international network ensure that our Advisors can competently meet your real estate needs. They will develop a customized strategy and provide the specialized services that will work exclusively for you.

And Axel Ziba does it all with total passion.

Even when the transaction is done, axel Ziba's service continues. He remains dedicated to his client relationships and will promptly respond to any requests or questions you might have at any time afterward.

We take a long-term view of our client relationships, starting with the initial assessment, the very first step in this process.

Through our research and interactions, we hope to understand your preferences and to provide ongoing customized service for your future real estate needs.

We also hope to impress you with the level of quality we provide so that you will want to share your experiences with others.

Engel & Völkers manages a worldwide marketing department in our corporate headquarters in Hamburg and New York City to support our shops and Advisors worldwide. A dedicated marketing specialist works with our shop’s Advisors to create customized, multi-channel campaigns for each property we market.


We take a data-driven approach that starts with research and identify the unique qualities of a property.

Then we identify target market groups and create campaigns using the highest quality photos and digital platforms to provide maximum exposure of the property. We also access Engel & Völkers’

proprietary international network of clients who already consider our brand to be a trusted source with valuable real estate properties.

Want to discover how we place your property in our expose and market it globally?

Contact Axel Ziba PREC, Realtor today.






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